Wednesday, September 30, 2009

no impact project

has anyone heard of the no impact project and the no impact man? this awesome dude and his family made no impact on the earth for one year. that's right no trash, no useless energy consumption, zip.

check out the video. i'm thinking about registering and participating. even if you don't participate, the ideas offered are worth considering. taking small steps is better than taking none at all.

read about the experiment in more detail here

great new read

i can't wait to buy this book. two years ago, the authors of this book set out on a cross-country road trip in which they talk to young women about feminism. they talk to many well-known feminists, but also to young women who are not close to feminism at all.

i think this is a great thing because it saddens me how many young women don't identify as feminists. as a young man, in college classes, when asked by the professor who considers themselves a feminist, i often found my hand to be the only one raised, in a class full of young women. i think this book will make feminism accessible to a generation who might be somewhat feminist-phobic.

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34 dead after earthquake-induced tsunami hits american somoa

this is really tragic. an 8.0 earthquake in the ocean triggered a tsunami that killed 34 people in american samoa.

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jon, kate, plus race

i've personally never watched the show (nor followed the drama of jon's fun times with the ladies), but this is an especially good race analysis of the episode in which jon, who is half korean, tries to teach the children about his asian heritage. kate fumbles. a lot.

read the full article on sociological images

military spends millions on puke-gun, two guys do it in the cheap

apparently the military has spent millions researching and developing a puke-gun- that is a gun, when pointed at the enemy, will dizzy them and make them puke, rendering them unable to fight. well, two guys did it themselves. much cheaper.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

mcdonald's is probably near you, especially if you live in the right half of the US

this fantastic image from the sociological images blog denotes the locations of all mcdonald's "restaurants" in the united states.

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crazy conservatives

that's right folks, your eyes didn't deceive you- 42% of republicans think our president was born OUTSIDE of the US.


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MIT students do it on the cheap

in the true DIY nerd spirit, two MIT students launched a camera built out of a cellphone attached to a helium balloon into the stratosphere and took some pretty amazing photographs. it's amazing what creative minds and $150 can do.

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photo of the day

the formosa boulevard mass rapid transit station in taiwan. quite breathtaking.

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chicago gay bar insists patron match gender on ID

a gay bar in chicago is insisting its patrons' gender presentation match their ID. having an ID that matches one's gender identity a problem for many transgender people that cannot afford a legal name change, much less the surgeries required to obtain a legal gender change as well. this is not just an issue of transphobia, but classist as well.

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