Friday, April 8, 2011

Teeth & Vagina Dentata [film, phenomenons, cake]

I watched Teeth (2008) last night with my girlfriend. Yes, that whole movie about a girl with teeth in her vagina doing (horrid!) damage to the males she encounters. Basically, a man's worst nightmare.

While we were watching it, we were actually surprised. The film was done a lot better than either of us thought it would be and we actually enjoyed it (even me, the penis-possessor of the pair!); the film wasn't just a vagina-chewing-penis horror flick that most seem to expect in line with the Scream-born modern era horrorgore without a story line, and wasn't pornographic or overly gory as I thought it might be.

I admit I don't have much faith in modern horror.

M. commented on the cinematography and the well-thought out shots (as opposed to most modern horror films, people!) and I enjoyed the purposeful pacing and the fact that they actually explored the real cultural phenomenon of vagina dentata without being exploitative in any way.

Note: this film could be triggering to some, watch with caution.

"Vagina dentata" is a male cross-cultural myth seen in numerous cultures around the world (Native American, Greek, African, Egyptian, etc.) in which the man is afraid of inserting his penis into a woman's vagina for fear of his penis being injured by the supposed toothed vagina.

"Toothed vagina," the classic symbol of men's fear of sex, expressing the unconscious belief that a woman may eat or castrate her partner during intercourse. Frued said, "Probably no male human being is spared the terrifying shock of threatened castration at the sight of female genitals." But he had the reason wrong. The real reason for this "terrifying shock" is a mouth-symbolism, now recognized universally in myth and fantasy: "It is well-known in psychiatry that both males and females fantasize as a mouth the female's entranceway to the vagina."

When I did a Google image search for "vagina dentata," the only blog-appropriate images were cakes. Yes, cakes inspired by the film.

If you'd like to see a more "adult" photo, click here.

Cakes are not the only culinary items adorning the vagina these days; click here for an earlier post with a recipe for Vagina Muff-ins.

Even if you are not a baker, at least click to see what a muff-in looks like!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ryan Gosling Band's Creepy Music Video [celebrities, music]

Ok, I apparently was the last one to get the memo, but Ryan Gosling has a band called Dead Man's Bones. And they made a creepy music video with a choir of zombie children.

1974 was a Golden Year for Film [film, 1970's]

Wow. 1974 sure was a golden year for film; it was also quite a year at the Academy Awards!

I’m currently watching The Conversation, which was filmed here in San Francisco and directed by one of my all-time favorite directors, Francis Ford Coppola. I have a slight obsession with movies filmed here in the Bay Area.

I also adore The Towering Inferno, which came out the same year and was also filmed in San Francisco. It was up against The Conversation for Best Picture (they both lost to another Coppola film, The Godfather III). It did end up taking home the award for Best Cinematography, and it truly is a visual treat.

My all-time favorite film, John Cassavetes’ “A Woman Under the Influence” also came out that year, and Gena Rowlands was nominated for Best Actress but ended up losing to Ellen Burstyn for Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.

Ben Quayle is Not Funny [video, politics]

Ben Quayle, Dan Quayle's son and Republican Representative from Arizona, is not funny. At all. His speech at the annual Congressional Correspondents' Dinner last week is cringe-worthy.

So is his infamous campaign video, in which he says "somebody needs to knock the hell out of Washington" andcalls Obama "the worst president in history" while staring into the camera with his famous deer-in-headlights expression.

Ben also admitted to being a frequent poster on, using the pseudonym "Brock Landers" from the film "Boogie Nights" and posting his intentions to find a "hot chick" and other fratboy-ish things.

To satisfy my nostalgic pang for the decade of my birth, here is dear old dad Dan Quayle's 1980 senate bid campaign ad.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Killing [tv].

I am catching the pilot for AMC's The Killing right now on OnDemand. The show premiered last night to very positive reviews and looks like another win for AMC, adding to the phenomenal success of Mad Men, The Walking Dead, and a recent favorite of mine, Breaking Bad.



Sunday, April 3, 2011

Masturbation "New," Effective Treatment for Restless Leg Syndrome [news, medicine, sex]

Great news for those of you with Restless Leg Syndrome - experts are now saying that masturbation is a "new, effective treatment for RLS."

I don't know about "new," but now you have a legit excuse to get down with yourself whenever you want to as often as you please; it's for the restless legs!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Japan Nuclear Radiation Reaches NYC; Workers Fail to Repair Leak [news, earthquake]

Uh oh. It looks like "minute amounts of radiation" from the nuclear power plant in Japan has reached New York City.

Also, engineers have failed to repair a leak in a concrete shaft that is leaking "highly radioactive water into the ocean off Japan".