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California Serial Killers [crime, california]

If you know me, you know one of the things I most like to read about are serial killers. I've noticed over the years of reading about these fascinating people that a great deal of them live and commit their crimes in the Golden State. Why are so many of these killers in California?

While living in Los Angeles, I compiled a list of Californian serial killers. I started out by dividing the list into simply Northern and Southern California, eventually adding Central California, and ultimately, an entire category for just the Los Angeles area itself.

California has a disproportionate amount of serial killers compared to the rest of the nation while LA has a disproportionate amount of serial killers compared to the SF Bay Area and the rest of California.

What makes the Golden State, especially the LA area, such a popular destination for serial killers?

California Serial Killers

Northern California

San Francisco Bay Area

Zodiac Killer

Trailside Killer - David Carpenter

Michael Bear Carson & Suzan Carson


The I-5 Strangler- Roger Reece Kibb

The Vampire of Sacramento - Richard Chase

Gallego Sex Slave Killers - Gerald & Charlene Gallego

Dorothea Puente

Morris Solomon, Jr.

Leonard Lake & Charles Ng (Calaveras County)

Santa Cruz

Herbert Mullin

The Co-Ed Killer - Edmund Kemper


The Yosemite Killer - Cary Stayner


Wayne Adam Ford

Yuba City

The Machete Murderer - Juan Corona

Central California


Vincent Brothers


Marcus Wesson

Southern California

Los Angeles

The Night Stalker - Richard Ramirez (also SF Bay area)
Charles Manson
The Dating Game Killer - Rodney Alcala

The Red Light Bandit

The Grim Sleeper - Lonnie David Franklin, Jr.

The Hillside Strangler - Kenneth Bianchi & Angelo Buono, Jr.
The Freeway Killer - Patrick Kearney (shares this nickname with William Bonin and Randy Steven Kraft)
nset Strip Killer - Doug Clark
Michael Hughes
Timothy Joseph McGee
The Freeway Killer - William Bonin

Bruce Jeffrey Pardo

Chester Dewayne Turner

The Lonely Hearts Killer - Harvey Glatman

Wineville Chicken Coop Murderer - Gordon Stewart Northcott

Mack Ray Edwards

Thor Nis Christiansen

Louise Peete

Orange County

The Freeway Killer - Randy Steven Kraft

Bedroom Basher - Gerald Parker

I-5 Killer or I-5 Bandit - Randall Woodfield

San Diego

The Clairemont Killer - Cleophus Prince, Jr.


Riverside Killer - William Suff
Dana Sue Gray
Phillip Carl Jablonski (Riverside & SF Bay area)


List of Serial Killers by Country

California’s Most Notorious Killers

If I've left anyone off the list, feel free to comment or contact me and I'll update the list.

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