Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The One Day on Earth Project [art]

The One Day on Earth Project is one of the most comprehensive and coolest global crowdsourcing projects ever, and I am excited to participate. True to my form, I recorded a video log to commemorate the day.

More YouTube videos here.

via PBS.com:

Friday is 11/11/11, and the minds behind the documentary and online video archive known as "One Day on Earth" are hoping thousands of people around the world will film a moment in their lives this day.

Other filmmakers have used crowd-sourced footage to recreate life in a day, but what sets "One Day on Earth" apart is the online community that has grown around it since its experimental launch around the date 10/10/10, said founder and director Kyle Ruddick, who conceptualized and started the project in 2008 by reaching out to people from his home laptop.

The project's participants have since grown to 20,000, and they not only can submit their own video but can draw on the website's archive to create their own masterpieces.

One Day on Earth on the Web:




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